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Quality in action is a tenet that is lived by all employees


Long term success comes from working with the right partner

What We Do

Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO)

Our BPO solutions are geared toward eliminating your usual business worries while allowing you to focus on the core aspects that will help make your business grow further. We have effective people handling these services in full compliance with proven standards.

Document Process Outsourcing (DPO)

With DPO service offer, we take over an entire document-intensive business process, from end to end and provide the process at a higher service level while saving valuable time and expensive labor costs associated with the conversion process.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)

Strongly establishing an advanced novel way of doing business process operations, knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) involves overall efficiency, a highly skilled workforce, and cost saving advantages. BIPS is fully equipped at bringing ergonomic KPO solutions to the global market through our highly significant KPO services.


BIPS Culture:

  1. BUSINESS: We provide assistance and possibilities to extend beyond business
  2. INTELLIGENCE: We work as a team, exchange multi intelligence, knowledge and experience to promote an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit
  3. PROCESS: We are financially and operationally disciplined to target the highest efficiency of processes.
  4. SOLUTIONS: Our solutions are based on best practices and long-term expertise spreading from process logic to compliance policies and business rules to provide the insights of corporate knowledge


"We invest in people with a strong HR process, better solution quality, ability to leverage end-to-end process improvements, and a robust risk mitigation and transition plan."

“I believe, business process outsourcing is a partnership and medal of trust!”



Vietnam Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has attracted the majority of foreign direct investments (FDI) for South-East-Asia during recent years. With a working population of 54 million among the 92 million citizens and an average of 29 years, Vietnam BPO has developed its position for offshore outsourcing. The country is a real success story. The use...

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DIGI-TEXX and BIPS Merger Announcement

DIGI-TEXX VIETNAM AND BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE PROCESS SOLUTIONS LIMITED HAVE ENTERED INTO A DEFINITIVE MERGER AGREEMENT. Effective as of 31.12.2016, all activities will be transferred to DIGI-TEXX VIETNAM. The transaction brings together two outstanding companies and their talented employees, building on the proven success of their previous cooperation, uniting innovative technologies, common cultures and values, enabling…

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